One Oxygen-Supplying Mask Supports One Human Life

قناع واحد مزود بالأكسجين يدعم حياة إنسان واحد
Eine sauerstoffversorgende Maske unterstützt ein menschliches Leben
एक ऑक्सीजन आपूर्ति मास्क एक मानव जीवन का समर्थन करता है
Un masque fournissant de l'oxygène soutient une vie humaine
Una mascarilla que suministra oxígeno sustenta una vida humana
하나의 산소 공급 마스크가 하나의 인간 생명을 지원합니다
Uma máscara de fornecimento de oxigênio suporta uma vida humana
Одна кислородная маска поддерживает жизнь одного человека
Satu Topeng Pembekal Oksigen Menyokong Kehidupan Satu Manusia
מסכה אחת המספקת חמצן תומכת בחיי אדם אחד

O2 Action!


Letter From The Initiator

To people all over the world who lead life with love:

At this challenging time, please allow me to introduce you through this channel that a life saving product has been successfully invented which can quickly increase the blood oxygen saturation level.

This product is an oxygen supplying mask that’s based on the world's leading technology that converts carbon dioxide directly into oxygen. This oxygen supplying mask has an extremely powerful function and only weighs 4 grams. Because of its ability to quickly increase the blood oxygen saturation in the body, it is an effective and powerful support method for the prevention and control of today's pandemic. (It is now well known that this pandemic so far took a large number of lives due to lack of oxygen and low blood oxygen saturation level.)

At this critical time where every few seconds a life is lost, I would like to initiate a charity donation event through your organization for those people whose lives are threatened and challenged by the pandemic to receive this oxygen supplying mask for free.

Please allow me to be the first one to pledge to donate 10,000 oxygen supplying masks, which means 10,000 lives could be saved! We are currently able to supply 3 million oxygen supplying masks (in the first half of 2021) and hope those people who are in critical needs can receive this life saving oxygen supplying mask through your organization’s platform. To help making this event possible and goals reaching easier we would like to offer the oxygen supplying mask at a price that’s lower than the cost. On top of that, we will match every oxygen supplying mask that your organization donates.

Let me thank you in advance on behalf of the inventor. You have given love to those in need. This love is a lasting support to life.

We need trusts. We need actions.

We name this operation: One Oxygen-Supplying Mask Supports One Human Life, 1+1

With utmost gratitude,

Huang XiaoHui
Initiator and Inventor
2021 5-6